2016. augusztus 31., szerda


The image editing program was used to Corel X2
     Other versions can be created
     Plugin Andromeda -Designs
     Filter Unlimited 2  Transparency-Eliminate Black 
     Plugin Graphics Plus -Cross Shadow 


     Simply -Alice-Lam brushct place the brush folder

1.   900X550 transzparent select all 
     Copi Alicia Backgroundra Paste Paste Into selections
     Select None 
2.   Effects Image effects -Seamles Tiling Default
     Adjust Blur Gaussian blur Radius:20
3.   Plugin Texture-Texturize 

4.   Layers New Raster Layer  Pour out:#198598
5.   Effects Andromeda -Designs

     Filter Unlimited 2  Transparency-Eliminate Black  
     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow

     BlendMode Hard Light
6.   Activ Alicia Lace Select All Select Float Select Defloat 
    Layers New Raster Layers 
pour out : #946fab Selectnone Edit Copi 
     Paste Paste As New Layer
     Effects Image Effects -Offset 

     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadowprevious settings
7.   Layers Duplikate Image Flip Layers Merge Merge Down
     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow previous settings
8.   Layers New Raster Layers Material Foreground :#946fab
     Paint Brusch keresd Simply-Alice-Lam brusch 
   Place the left side of the picture the left mouse button, press 5X   
9.   Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow previous settings
     Layers Duplikate layers merge -Merge Down 
     Layers Duplikate Image Mirror Layers Merge Down 
     Layers Arange Move Down 
10.  Layers Merge -Merge Visible Select All 
     Edit Copy Image Add Borders 50 :#ffffff
11.  Select invert Paste Paste Into Selection
     Adjust Blur Gaussian blur Radius:20
12.  Effects  Graphics Plus -Cross Shadow default 
     Select Invert Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow 

     selection remains
13.  Layers New Raster Layer Pour out  gradient
     Material Foreground :#d4c0e0  Background: #946fab
     Linear Angle: 45 Repeat: 12

     Selections Modify -Contract Number of pixel :7
     Delete  Select None  Layers Merge Merge Down
14.  Copy cickadesign@.II.43 Paste Paste As New Layers 
     Image Mirror Image Resize 90% percent 
     Effects Image Effects -Offset

     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow previous settings
15.  Layers New Raster Layers Pour out gradient
     Selections Modify -Contract Number of pixel :2
     Delete Select None
     Layers Merge -Merge All Flatten 
16.  Layers Duplikate Image Resize 28% percent 
     Resize All Layers Unchecked
     Adjust Sharpness-Sharpen Image Mirror 

Effects Image Effects -Offset

     Layers Duplikate Image Resize 80% percent
     Effects Image Effects -Offset 

     Adjust Sharpness-Sharpen
     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow previous settings
     Layers Merge -Merge All Flatten 
     Image Resize 900 pixel 
     Save it in JPG format
Respect it sends the captured image to an e-mail address





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